COMBAT INVESTOR is all about real estate investing in its most primitive form:  Turf.  Space. Territory.


What ever you want to call it, real estate investment is based upon controlling property to build wealth and power. The same holds true for warfare.   You need to be prepared for WAR – Willing, Able and Ready get deals done.



students_studying_for_class_150_wht_9362Find your investment battleground, study it carefully and learn from others’ mistakes.  Smartly build your realty war chest by using proven military tactics.


figure_shooting_arrow_at_target_anim_150_wht_13297Pick your investment targets widely. Don’t be discouraged by missed opportunities and keep improving your aim.




FireCapture your target and attack even in the face of adversity and doubt. You will fall along the way, but learn from your mistakes and march forward as victory will ultimately be yours.



COMBAT INVESTOR will be your guidebook for winning real estate investment strategies using proven military tactics.   Available in paperback and PDF.

Purchase link:  Combat Investor – Website